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A widow gets her new house!
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If you would like to sponsor a child that has been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Africa, here is a breakdown of how your money can be put to good use:
Sponsor People 
  Annual Monthly
Pre-school child $240 $20
Elementary school child $360 $30
High school child $480 $40
Family $600 $50
Sponsor Education 

Uniform per child (Elementary)


Uniform per child (High School)


Books per child (Elementary school)


Books per child (High School)


Tuition and Fees (University)


Tuition and Fees (Vo-tech)


Tuition and Fees (High School) per year

Project and Programs

Medical Camp (per session)


 Water tank (per house, includes gutter)


1 chicken


School lunch (1 sack beans, 1 sack corn, oil, fuel, cook) for 1 month


1 goat


1 cow


1 micro-loan


House (2 roomed, brick, with metal roof)


Medical Center (building)


Community Center (building)


55,000 gallon community water tank project

Remember: 100% of all individual donations go directly to those in need!
We would like to thank you our donors for making all this possible. Our donors include: our many friends and colleagues, EMC Women’s Leadership Council, and the Geraldine R Dodge Foundation
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