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A widow gets her new house!
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Nursery School Building Fundraising Children Sponsorship Drive
Hospital Building Fundraising
Nursery School Building Fundraising
Collection of Money for Building a Nursery School … in progress 3.25% complete

One may wonder why is a nursery school important when there is a strong need for other seemingly more important things like the need for food, clothing, shelter etc. Pease visit Kim Crenshaw's page by clicking here .

Would you like to support this project? Donations can be made

1. Online at Kim Crenshaw's page
2. By clicking on the donate button below
3. By cheque made out to "Sequoia Helping Hands" with "Nursery Fundraising Support" in the memo line and mailed to "Sequoia Helping Hands, P.O Box 13015, Durham, NC 27709".

Thank you!

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Children Sponsrship Drive
Children Sponsorship Drive … in progress 3% complete

Over the past 5 years we were lucky enough to find sponsors for over 20 children and 2 families. However with over 100 students that look to Sequoia Helping Hands for help in going to school and other needs we cannot support them without asking for your help. We would like to announce our Sponsorship Drive. For more details about sponsoring a child click here

Goal : To get additional sponsorship for 30 children and 3 families.

Deadline: June 30th 2009

New Sponsor List
1. John Shucks

Would you like to support this project? Send email to sponsor@sequoiahands.org
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Hospital Building Fundraising
Hospital Building Fundraising … in progress 0% complete

Coming Soon!!!!!!
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